Wine and Spirits Mergers & Acquisitions

We give the best Services

Our expert in M&A in field of wine & spirits has wide experience and network in all the wine regions allows to find the best property that perfectly suits the client’s needs in terms of price, functionality and concept.
MBD will help you to obtain a dream property and make your own exceptional wine or spirit!
Client defines the target
We identify the existing options.
We offer the suitable selected options to client with prior documentation signing (agreement with MBD, NDAs for particular targets etc).
We provide with technical assessment of the wine property and due diligence.
Negotiations support.
We provide with the specialists for professional legal and financial accompaniment of the deal.
If existing options don’t meet the expectations, we approach the potential targets till we find the best solution for the client.
Can provide with possible marketing and sales plan for the existing produced products and/or develop a new brand/s corresponding the new owner’s strategy.
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